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7/51, Wattle Street, South Australia 5063
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Yoga Begins offers customized corporate programs according to the need of the organization. Special Meditation and Relaxation classes are conducted to reduce the work stress.

Yoga Begins presents our take on the authentic forms of Yoga, called the Hatha Yoga or Hatha Vidya, which focus

  • On physical, mental and emotional strength building techniques.
  • On applicability to all age groups and all levels of Yoga practitioners.
  • On knowledge and wisdom passed down from, generation to generation, by the great Indian gurus.
  • On a perfect blend of strong and simple body postures, better breathing and Yoga philosophy that help an individual to attain a healthy body, sound mind and rejuvenated soul.
  • On our customized and unique Meditation and Relaxation techniques assist to reduce the daily life stress, balance the hormones and nervous system to give you a blissful state of a complete well being.