The Top 5 Places to do Yoga on the Cheap

There are so many places in the world to do yoga, from large metropolises like Sydney and London to towns like Byron Bay and Sag

The Top 5 Places to do Yoga on the Cheap

Costa Rico

There are so many places in the world to do yoga, from large metropolises like Sydney and London to towns like Byron Bay and Sag Harbor (New York). Unfortunately, this ancient practice can be expensive, especially in first world countries. Luckily, there are some phenomenal yogas centres in the world, some of which offer yoga on the cheap. Yes, it means you’ll have to get on a plane and enjoy a yoga holiday, but in the end, you will still save yourself heaps of money. Check out the top 5 places to do yoga on the cheap. 

Mysore, India 

The ashtanga yoga capital of the world, Mysore is also known to be one of India’s cleanest and most peaceful cities. Plus, it helps that it’s home to renowned yoga centres like the Kpjay Shala and the Mysore Krishnamacharr Yoga Foundation. If that’s not enough, it’s extremely cheap. You can study yoga for one month under the acclaimed BNS Iyengar for less than 120 AUD a month! You will, of course, have to add in the cost of your flight, food and accommodations. But even after all of that Mysore is a great, budget-friendly place to get your yoga on. The fact that it’s one of the most well-known yoga centres in the world adds to the attractive price that much more. 

mysore indai
Srirangapatna temple, Karnataka, India

Siem Reap, Cambodia 

Angkor Wat

Known mostly as a tourist spot for visiting the incredible Angkor Archaeological Park (left), Siem Reap is also a great place to do yoga, especially if you want to save a few dollars. It’s home to numerous NGOs and sees heaps of tourists, so it makes sense that it would also house some excellent yoga centres. Hariharalaya is one of these places, offering not only yoga classes but also creative workshops and community activities. Plus, you can’t beat the price at 325 AUD per week, including accommodations and meals! Angkor Zen Garden also comes highly recommended, with the price of a class also including use of their swimming pool.  

Nosara, Costa Rico 

Not only does Nosara boast an incredible unspoilt coastline, but it also happens to be Costa Rico’s main yoga centre. It’s the perfect place to relax and practice asanas, complete with a stunning backdrop of beach or jungle landscape. It has slowly evolved to become a yoga mecca where you can practice Kundalini, Vinyasa, Hatha and even Acro yoga. In addition to all of this, it’s also a chic surfing town, which means you can also learn SUP yoga, or combine yoga and surfing into one fabulous holiday. It’s a little bit more expensive to do yoga here than in the other destinations, but still pretty cheap at roughly 12 AUD per class. 

Costa Rico
Paradise in Costa Rico

Cusco, Peru 

Cusco is the gateway of the Sacred Valley, the jaw-dropping Machu Picchu and all things Inca. More recently, it has also become a spot on the yoga map, with centres popping up amongst the ancient ruins and colourful culture. The city itself is UNESCO World Heritage site, making it the perfect place to do this ancient practice, especially if you don’t want to break the bank. Yes, it’s far away, but both Cusco and Peru have so much to offer, with yoga only adding to the whole awe of the place. Thanks to spaces like the Yoga Room CuscoHealing House Cusco and Hridaya Yoga it’s now possible to do some fantastic yoga for little more than 10 AUD per class. 

CUZCO, PERU: Plaza de armas

Ubud, Bali, Indonesia 

You can’t possibly talk about places to do yoga on the cheap without mentioning Ubud, which became even more famous as a wellness and yoga hotspot since the bestseller “Eat, Pray, Love”. Today, there are at least 10 yoga centres in the town, some of which are set right in rice paddy fields. Basically, any style you are looking for you will most likely find in Ubud, and maybe some that you are completely new to you. You can go to a class taught by a local or a world-renowned teacher. The best art is, you can practice yoga in Ubud for as little as AUD $7.00 per class! Try places like the Ubud Yoga HouseRadiantly AliveYoga Saraswati or the Yoga barn.  

Ubud Bali
An Aussie Fave: Ubud Bali