Feeling anxious or overwhelmed? Use these yoga poses for anxiety to calm down and find your centre anytime.

Upward Salute

  (oord-vah hahs-TAHS-anna) urdhva = raised (or upward) hasta = hand Upward Salute: Step-by-Step Instructions Stand in Tadasana. Turn your

Revolved Side Angle Pose

Revolved Side Angle Pose

  Since most students can’t easily keep their back heel down in this pose, a modified version will be described

half moon pose

Half Moon Pose

  The moon has a rich symbolic significance in yoga mythology. In hatha yoga, for example, the sun and the

Extended Puppy Pose

  Extended Puppy Pose: Step-by-Step Instructions Come onto all fours. See that your shoulders are above your wrists and your

Easy Pose

  Easy Pose: Step-by-Step Instructions Fold a thick blanket or two into a firm support about six inches high. Sit

legs up the wall

Legs-Up-the-Wall Pose

    Legs Up The Wall Pose: Step-by-Step Instructions The pose described here is a passive, supported variation of the

Cow Pose

  Cow Pose: Step-by-Step Instructions Start on your hands and knees in a “tabletop” position. Make sure your knees are set

Cat Pose

  Marjari = cat Cat Pose: Step-by-Step Instructions Start on your hands and knees in a “tabletop” position. Make sure

fish pose

Fish Pose

  Traditionally Fish Pose is performed with the legs in Padmasana. Since Padmasana is beyond the capacity of most beginning

Head-to-Knee Forward Bend

  (JAH-new shear-SHAHS-anna) janu = knee sirsa = head Head-to-Knee Forward Bend: Step-by-Step Instructions Sit on the floor with your

Seated Forward Bend

  (POSH-ee-moh-tan-AHS-anna) paschimottana = intense stretch of the west (pashima = west uttana = intense stretch) Seated Forward Bend: Step-by-Step

digestion yoga

Extended Triangle Pose

  (oo-TEE-tah trik-cone-AHS-anna) utthita = extended trikona = three angle or triangle Extended Triangle Pose: Step-by-Step Instructions Stand in Tadasana.